CMap (2/3)
User Configuration

Just by entering the mapped information, CMap instantly creates log graphs displaying lithology, histograms, graphic symbols and descriptions at specified intervals. The different parameters are shown with user defined colours and patterns. In order to meet the special need for flexibility required by users, CMap is easy to customise for a variety of project specifications. Sets of different configurations, easily selected from dialogue boxes, are saved by user defined names.


Data Entry

The data is entered and edited in a spreadsheet-like window in the lower part of the screen. Data entry can be done in several ways - typing a code, using assigned function keys or just point-and-click in the appropriate field and choosing the right parameter from the pop-up menu. The data entry window has the usual Windows cut'n'paste capabilities.



The information is stored thematically in different tables available to the user on different pages, ea. header information, lithology, description, quantitative data, etc. The number of tables, and their names are defined.
("Lithology", "Comments" and "Analysis" in the figure above)

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