CMap (3/3)

When entering data into the tables, a mouseclick in the graphic field initiates the visualisation of the data. Using scroll bars and the zooming function allows the user to see parts of or the entire log. In the presentation set-up it is possible to select the information to be visualised, ea. scale bars, text, symbols, labels, histograms etc.

In order to compare information from different drill holes, it is possible to display logs from several drill holes in different windows simultaneously.



The graphic information can be printed at any scale by a plotter or printer supported by Windows. The program will tell you the number of pages needed for the selected scale.

Import - Export

Data can be imported and exported in several common database formats. These functions are filter supported, which means that the user can select which parameters that is to be included in every import or export.

CMap is available for Windows XP.

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